Our Product is People. We have a Great Product!

Behind the scenes we have a seriously awesome bunch of people working for you in specialized teams! We invest a lot in our 'minions' happiness and productivity and jealously guard their privacy...and keep poachers at bay! This way they can concentrate on their valuable work and manage their time more efficiently through our innovative systems.

Here we'll give you a glimpse at some of our key team leaders. Our Andy gives us his interpretation of what they look like, and it's uncannily accurate! Click your cursor over the images to get a bit of background on what they do for you and us.

Dapper Jared's mind is as organized as his desk. Knows WordPress in and out and no problem goes unsolved. His leadership by example makes him the ideal Team WordPress pit boss!


Team WordPress Leader

This Brit eats, sleeps and breathes Laravel! Nobody is better qualified to lead our crack Laravel/PHP team!


Team Laravel & PHP Leader

Andy's talent and creativity are big assets, but his ability to work with all other teams and to inspire his own make him invaluable.


Team Design Leader

Jeanie seems like a genie at keeping our customers happy, directing her support team and passing questions and requests to the proper internal teams. In reality it's her boundless energy, good humor and genuine empathy that make her so well suited for this very demanding posting.


Team Support Leader

Rachel is a stickler for detail! Although she can be tough on programmers, they know she's always right! She is very much our customers' ombudswoman!


Team Quality Assurance

Yuri is our own Scotty! Keeps everything running smoothly and keeps a cool head no matter the situation!

Yuri (aka Scotty)

Team Devops Leader